Easy Life 1st Birthday aka The Story So Far

This past year hasn't quite been the same as all the others, has it?

Join us on our first birthday as we reflect on the journey that led us to where we are today, with almost 1200 garms on backs across 10 countries, and a look at things to come next:

To look back at the first year of The Easy Life Co, we’ve got to touch upon more than just the past 365 days. That’s because us two mates from a tiny UK city running the brand here have been catching moments to live easy for decades – we just hadn’t put a name to it yet.

What started as growing up escaping to outdoor shenanigans fuelled by a diet of classic hip hop and punk rock music, Jackass, skating and parkour, eventually mellowed out over the years into escaping to good times, chill vibes and every day adventures.

Despite living Easy being the focus, that often couldn’t be further from the truth. Hard times and even harder graft have only given us more of an appreciation of those moments you can truly switch off and be free. And after the past year, there's never been a better time to be present and savour the now.


 Pre-Easy Life tour to the Rockies in Canada 2019 - a perfect mix of chill vibes and not-so every day adventures.

Building a community of likeminded people has been our aim from the start. A community from all walks of life, different interests or thoughts on what living Easy means to them, but all connected behind the same idea.

Whether you skate, surf, jam in your band, find the right spot for a scenic smoke session or blast people away on Call of Duty - we're all living for our moments.

This past year we’ve taken that mentality and poured ourselves into creating The Easy Life Co, and despite the numerous set backs, it’s been a blast. We’ve loved connecting with each and every one of you, hearing your stories and we’re always stoked to hear all of the kind words about us and our products.

The man Davey with his little legend EZ - new friends from across the pond - we just had to print an Easy Life tee for EZ's Birthday!

We’ve spent the time to perfect our production from the get go, sourcing strictly ethically and sustainably sourced materials and creating products built to last.

We're committed to leaving our planet in a better state than we started, and to treating our community with respect in both our products and interactions. Taking shortcuts toward either isn’t an option.

With lockdowns easing, we can't wait to get out and shoot some fresh new content!


So what's next? Well that's easy, we're going to keep the good vibes coming!

We have our next huge drop right around the corner, featuring new graphic designs and new products in our long sleeves, first ever organic collection, and new always juicy accessories. You won't want to miss it!

With things being locked down over the past year, we've only been able to scratch the surface, working remotely, snapping content as and when the opportunity has risen.

With lockdowns easing, we can't wait to plan more ambitious tours and content shoots, meet some of the friends we've connected with through the Easy Life, and bring you more products of love and hard craft.

Stick around for a while, because this is where the fun begins!

Lastly from us at The Easy Life Co, a sincere thanks for all the support, we truly appreciate the love.

 Thanks for all the love this past year, we couldn't do this without you!

Where to next?
Check out our Community Snaps page, who knows you might see your face on there!
Submit your snaps of you living your Easy Life by tagging us @theeasylifeco or emailing over to us at hello@theeasylife.co
Or do you need the soundtrack for your next adventure? Check out our Easy Life Playlist to get you started!

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